Introducing Natural Farming

  Natural Farming is an innovative new method of farming that utilizes the nature¡¯s powers for maximum performance rather than human intervention. Natural Farming uses natural materials instead of chemicals to make its unique inputs. Materials are locally available and cheap, and the farming inputs are made by the farmers instead of being purchased from the market; thus lowering cost for the farmers and converting waste as resources. We do not use herbicide, pesticide, antibiotic, hormones or other artificial chemicals.


Natural Farming was founded by Dr. Cho Han Kyu in the 1960¡¯s, at a time when environment was not even an issue. Dr. Cho tried to show an alternative way of farming that assured both high yield and good quality, a nature-respecting farming that superceded the chemical-intensive agriculture which had just begun to spread in Korea at that time.


Nowadays, Natural Farming is provided to over 20 countries, recognized of its strength to produce more, at better quality, with lower cost. It is also practiced in the underdeveloped countries and communities to give them a self-supporting tool that can improve their living. Korea, Japan, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Mongolia, Congo and Tanzania are some of the active countries.


Natural Farming products, with the brand ¡°Janong¡± are ISO certified for both quality and environmental management. The ¡°smiling Cho¡± sticker certifies our guarantee. We are trying our best to sustain reliable quality and environmental performance throughout the world.