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Janong welcomes enquiries, request for training, and offers for business partnership. Please contact us at:

209-2 Ungok-ri, Cheongan-myeon, Goesan-gun, Chungbuk, Republic of Korea, 367-832
Tel: 82-43-8328777
Fax: 82-43-8328783
Email: janong@empal.com

Education and Training

Begun in the 1960¡¯s, Janong¡¯s education is well-known for its expertise. Lectures are held intensively to train the farmers capable of producing products that come up to our global standards.



Janong has published many books, periodicals and treatises in many languages.


ISO 9001/14001 Certification

Janong has acquired the ISO 9001/14001 certification. We sustain a quality management and environment management that satisfy the global standards.



1967 Founded ¡°Less Labor and High Yield Farming Club¡±, began education
1978 Changed name to ¡°Green Cooperative¡±
1986 Changed name to ¡°Korean Natural Farming Center¡±
1993 Established ¡°Korea-Japan Natural Farming Exchange Association¡± (Japan)
          Provided Natural Farming to Taiwan and the Philippines
1994 Founded ¡°Korean Natural Farming Association¡±
1994 Published ¡¸Using Indigenous Microorganisms¡¹ in Japanese
1995 Began education to farming leader of Korean Agriculture Cooperative Federation
1995 Published ¡¸Cho Han Kyu¡¯s Natural Farming¡¹ in Korean
          Began publishing ¡¸Monthly Natural Farming¡¹
1995 International seminar on Natural Farming (Florida Univ., Japan ECFA)
1995 Established Natural Farming Living School
1997 Began forming study groups for each item
1997 Provided Natural Farming to China
          Established ¡°Northern Region Natural Farming Center¡± in Liuming Agriculture College
1998 Provided Natural Farming to Tanzania
1998 Graduation of the 100th class in basic course of Natural Farming
2000 Began lecturing in Mongolia
          Established Natural Farming Research Center in Maejo Uni. Thailand
          Established Natural Farming Research Center in Kabite Uni. The Philippines
2001 Assigned expert by Asian Productivity Organization to provide Natural Farming to seventeen countries
2001 Established research farm in Kakoshima Uni., Japan
2002 Opened Natural Farming Press Center
2002 APO workshop on Green Productivity and Natural Farming
2003 Acquired ISO 14001/9001 certification
2003 Fifth Korea-Japan orange exchange exhibition
2003 APO workshop on Green Productivity and Eco-business

As an organization with long history, competent technology, and international activity, Janong is doing its best to rehabilitate the environment, to develop and disseminate alternative agriculture practice and to bring health to our customers.